Shadow Kit

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10 pattern shadow kit with frame and carry bag

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Virtually every interview seen on TV used a background panel to add atmosphere to the set or location. Now you can use the same effects with the Shadow Kit. The kit contains a 36″ collapsible aluminum shock-cord frame, a 35″ flexible window matte frame and a deluxe roll-up carry bag. Lastly, there are ten 22.5 x 22.5″ pattern gels: Horizontal Blinds, Palm Leaves, Palladian Window, Leaf Scatter, Divided Light 16, Cucoloris Ripple, Open Window 12, Tile Grid, Cucoloris Dapple and Graduated Stripes.

Like all simple and effective lighting techniques this one imitates nature – specifically the sun as seen projected through a window etc, to create a pattern. Who doesn’t remember a pleasant day in a sun-dappled courtyard?

Simply snap together the aluminum frame, attach the window holder and then your choice of pattern gel. Holding the frame with an optional grip arm attached to a heavy duty stand is a good idea. The system works with hot lights or flash. Pulling the light back from the pattern makes for a sharper projection while pushing it forward softens the effect.

Easy Assembly

To assemble, just unfold the frame and guide the rod joints into place. To disassemble, simply pull each joint apart and fold the frame for storage. The Shadow Kit’s retractable shock-cord frame attaches to any light stand using a grip head or clampThe Shadow Kit’s flexible black window matte provides the framework for attaching your shadow patterns. It easily attaches to the shock-cord frame via the thick elastic bands positioned on each of the four corners of the matte.

Add Dimension to Flat or Plain Backgrounds

Shadow Kit gel patterns are ideal for breaking up a flatly lit nondescript wall and simulating a more interesting setting. Stack the Horizontal Blind shadow pattern with the Palm Leaves shadow pattern for an instant tropical vibe. Add a color correction gel to your light in this scenario and you get an even better sense of time and place, evoking the warm sun rays of an early morning or sunset time frameYou can create more visually compelling shots quickly and easily with little more than one additional light and a shadow pattern gel. Experimenting with the placement of the cookie and light in relation to your background will give you a variety of looks from soft and diffuse to sharp and dramatic. Moving the light closer or farther from the background will change the intensity of the shadow pattern effect.